Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide Systems

Our wireless audiotransmission systems TourGuide System and TravelGuide System are used for guiding groups of people.

Translation Systems

Translation Systems

The TourGuide System facilitates simultaneous translating at events, guided tours, conferences and meetings.

Hearing Assistance

Hearing Assistance

Hearing Assistance for schools, churches, cinemas, theatres or stadiums is very easy with our TourGuide System and TravelGuide System.



With our person-locating system, lives can be saved. Buried or hidden people can be successfully located with RescueRadar.

Welcome to MEDER CommTech

MEDER CommTech GmbH - Producer of TourGuide and TravelGuide Systems, Person Locating and Communication Systems

MEDER CommTech is one of the market leaders in development, production and distribution of wireless communication technology and producer of the Group Guide Systems TourGuide and TravelGuide.

At our headquarter's office in Southern Germany, our 30 employees develop, produce and distribute our products. 

Our wireless guiding appliances and translating systems have become indispensable aides due to: their quality, reliability and userfriendly maintenance.

Group tours in factories, museums, at seminars, conferences, travel tours and many other events - our technology enables them all!

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MEDER CommTech supports the junior staff development programm of the RDA Workshop 

Dear Mrs. Luzio,

On this occassion I would like to thank you again very sincerely! You have not only support our tours with the junior staff you actually made it all possible! That was impressive and really a great kindness for everyone involved.

Best Regards

Annette Sperling, RDA Workshop in Cologne

MEDER CommTech Hotline:  +49 (0)7731 911 322 - 0

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